Ronan Lyons, an economist at Trinity College Dublin, recently published the Daft Wealth Report which revealed some key stats concerning Ireland's property.

Most interestingly, the report named the ten most expensive streets in Ireland. You may not be surprised to hear that South County Dublin is by far the most expensive market in the country but there are a few surprises on the lists below.

This year, Herbert Park in Ballsbridge became Ireland's most expensive street as it has seen at least five properties change hands for €3m or more in the last 18 months. 

Top 10 most expensive streets are as follows:

  1. Herbert Park
  2. Ailesbury Road
  3. Shrewsbury Road
  4. Temple Gardens
  5. Westminster Road
  6. Avoca Avenue
  7. Highfield Road
  8. Wellington Road
  9. Cowper Road
  10. Eglington Road

On average, the property value in South County Dublin lies at almost €550,000 while Dublin 6, Dublin 4 and Dublin 6W have an average property value of over half a million euro.

South County Dublin is Ireland's most expensive market

The most expensive markets in the country:

  1. Sandycove, Dublin
  2. Foxrock, Dublin
  3. Mount Merrion, Dublin
  4. Enniskerry, Wicklow
  5. Kinsale, Cork
  6. Kinvara, Galway

Sandycove comes in at number one as the most expensive market in the country with an average property value of almost €790,000 while Foxrock and Mount Merrion come in at €750,000 or higher.

The most expensive markets outside of Ireland’s main cities are Enniskerry (€495,000), Kinsale (€309,000) and Kinvara (€257,000). 

The cheapest markets in Ireland:

  1. Longford 
  2. Leitrim
  3. Sligo
  4. Mayo
  5. Roscommon

It is no surprise that South County Dublin is by far the most expensive market in the country but where are the cheapest? Longford's average property value is €117,000, while property in Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon and Mayo values are €140,000 or less.

The cheapest market in the country is Ballaghaderreen in Roscommon, where the average property value is €58,000.

moving house
Ballaghaderreen in Roscommon is Ireland's cheapest market

Interesting Stats:

  • In the first quarter of 2017, the average property in Ireland was worth €230,000.
  • On average, 12 properties worth €1 million or more are sold every week.
  • There are €1.7 million occupied dwellings in Ireland from the 2016 Census.
  • The value of all residential dwellings in Ireland comes in at €392 Billion.
  • There has been a 40% increase in the average house price compared to 5 years ago

These figures are based on averages for particular property types. Read the full Daft Report here.