Jenny Huston is the real deal. From being one of the country's most recognisable voices on RTÉ 2fm, to her phenomenal success with jewellery brand Edge Only, she is a success story all of us can admire.

Going from one of the country's most recognisable voices on RTÉ 2fm, to her phenomenal success with fashion brand Edge Only, Jenny Huston is a success story all can admire. She speaks to The LifeStyle Show on why recognising women is important. 

To celebrate International Women's Day, Huston joined LifeStyle Lead Taragh Loughrey-Grant to talk about why it's important to highlight the struggles many women face around the world, along with the bravery it takes it takes in setting up your own business. We've a sneak preview of the interview for you below to celebrate! #IWD.

Why is International Women's Day so important? 
"The whole point is that we're equal and different. I think International Women's Day is really important because, as a white, middle-class woman I'm aware that I grew up privileged", Huston says. 

"Whatever inequalities I still face, or sexist remarks, or if there's pay gaps still, the pay gap for me is not a patch on my sister that is African-American, or Latina, or the women in parts of the world that aren't allowed to drive, can't leave the house without permission of a male sibling or guardian."

For Huston, being aware of these differences despite not being victim to them herself is key.

"That the glass ceiling does still exist. For people like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence to talk about pay gaps even in Hollywood. It's not over yet, you know, the fight for equality..."


Catch the full interview of Jenny Huston with The LifeStyle Show on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra soon, where we'll hear even more of what Edge Only has in store for us. To check out the fabulous Jenny Huston's fabulous pieces, visit