Emma Manley has a soaring career. From very humble beginnings with her first pop-up shop in her family home, she's now one of Ireland's most recognised Irish designers taking the international fashion stage by storm with her label Manley.

To celebrate International Women's Day, we have a sneak preview of Emma Manley's interview with LifeStyle Editor Taragh Loughrey-Grant, where she explains why it's important for women to celebrate themselves and each other.

As a young entrepreneur, what does International Women's Day mean for Emma?

"I think it's a really amazing time for women to get together and have conversations that they don't necessarily have all the time. I also think it's very important to celebrate with other women, our successes."

"We lead a different life to men," Manley says. "It's no better, no worse. It's just a different life and I think it's very important that we talk about it with each other."

A different life can be proven difficult if you're career driven. Juggling priorities, be it, family, home life and business is something many women face.

And judging by Manley's Twitter, she's busy 24/7:

But spending more than 5 years growing her label, is Manley at a point in her life to start thinking about having a family?

"It's only now I'm starting to think about this because I'm due to be married now in a few months time," she admits. 

"I'm officially going to be an adult...prior to that, you're living a very selfish life. It's me and him, what we want to do at the weekend is what we want to do."

Now Emma thinks to herself how she could manage the working hours she does now and to throw a family on top of that. Not an easy feat for the owner of a fashion label.

"I think we [women] are super adaptable. I know people always say women are multi-taskers but I think there's a lot of evidence out there now that suggests that perhaps we're not. But I think we're really adaptable'

"As a gender, we are somewhat selfless. So I kind of feel you know I'm one of these people whose a bit 'Feel the fear and do it anyway'. So that's probably what my approach will be to it. And fingers crossed it works."

Stay tuned for Emma Manley's full interview on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra at 2pm on Saturday the 18th, where she will revealing all of what the Manley brand has in store for us.


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