Amy Huberman is well known for her comedic roles in movies like The Stag, A Film with Me in It and her TV show Threesome. In fact, the funny woman is becoming just as famous for her hilarious and often pun-heavy Instagram posts. Now though, it looks like the funny woman will be changing gears as her brand new drama Striking Out kicks off on New Year's day.

In Striking Out, Amy will be taking on the role of Tara Rafferty, a top notch solicitor who discovers that the love of her life has been cheating on her with a colleague. We caught up with the actress to find out how she dealt with the change of pace. 

"I had to learn all the legal jargon and dialogue which was new, I'd never played a solicitor before, I'd never had reams of monologue or things like that, so it was great and it was something different for me. I had done a lot of comedy things in the last couple of years so it has been a while since I had done drama."

We can't wait to see Amy in her new role but we wanted to know what drew her to the show in the first place. We asked the actress about why she wanted to get involved.

"I guess it is that personal interest, isn't it? That human interest and curiosity about human relationships and how they start to dissolve or how things can suddenly flip and I found that interesting even in the legal capacity that we were looking at."

The first episode of Striking Out airs on RTÉ One on Sunday January 1 at 9.30pm.