Every year advertisers compete to capture audiences hearts in a bid to open their wallets with heartwarming, engaging ads and John Lewis are continually amongst the most loved and talked about. Will this year be the same? Have a look and see what you think.

It's the story of a little girl called Bridget and her dog Buster. Bridget loves to bounce and jump but when she gets a trampoline for Christmas, her parents soon realise that she isn't the only one who loves an aul jump around. The challenge isn't to see if you like it but if you can resist smiling, feeling Christmassy and maybe a little teary eyed by the end. Or maybe that's just us...but I doubt it.


The Beautiful Fake - the John Lewis Tribute Ad
You may have seen the amazing ad that UK A-Level student Nick Jablonka which went viral after he posted it in June. At the time it confused many people who thought that the retailer had gone a wee bit mad and over enthusiastically released its festive favourite in the summer. Given the title, John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - The Snowglobe, the confusion was understandable. Instead it was a gem of an offering by 18-year-old Jablonka which was part of his coursework - talented, much?

At the time he wrote on the YouTube video post: "I uploaded this video with no intention of it becoming so popular. This definetly [sic] isn't the official John Lewis advert. I wasn't going to upload it at all, the title and the video are as it was submitted so I really didn''t [sic] mean for the confusion.

"Although I really appreciate the overwhelming comments, I do believe this piece could do with a lot of work as it was done in around 2 weeks from start to finish.With such limited time I literally didn't have enough time to render out the animation, so I had to sacrifice a lot of things to make it on time; the resolution, there's virtually no shaders, and I had to reduce the amount of scenes and shot.

"To clarify, I do not affiliate myself with John Lewis or any of their production company's, this video is nothing more than a showcase of my last years media work.If you have any further questions feel free email - nickjab@hotmail. co.uk or twitter @atnickjablonka"

The ad features a snowman who is stuck in a snow globe who cannot wait until Christmas to be reunited with his love and the video, below, has almost one million views.

Previous John Lewis Ads:

2015 #ManontheMoon - Almost 25 million hits. Lots of opinions on this one last year. I wrote about the controversy and reaction surrounding this one when it came out last year, which you can read here. Have a look at it again and see if you feel the same about it as when you first saw it.

2014 #Montythepenguin - This one gets me every time. I LOVE it. Anyone who has, or has had, a little guy or girl at home with a big imagination, will get it too or indeed if you can remember having a special friend yourself at that age. Magical on so many levels.

2013: #Bearandthehare - Gorgeous message of friendship, perfect choice in music with Lily Allen's Somewhere Only We Know running throughout, beautiful old-school animation...have another watch.

With just over six weeks to go - its ok to talk about Christmas and to start looking forward to it or whatever other festivities you look forward to. Given what's happening Stateside, it's probably essential that we do.