US elections 

The Irish Independent stayed up and produced a 4am edition, with the front page headline: "Trump's enormous vote shocks Clinton".

Kevin Doyle reports from New York that after the most bizarre campaign in US history, the race for the White House was on a knife edge this morning. And in the meantime, though Hillary Clinton has not yet conceded defeat, that knife has done its work.

Doyle writes that a bubbling underbelly of racism, intolerance and insecurity has risen to the surface of public debate, and that the turnout suggests the country has rarely been more engaged. Essentially, America has launched an unimaginable attack on itself, he says. 

140 million vote in USA's dirtiest election ever, says the Irish Daily Mirror front page headline.

The Irish Examiner has a front page photograph of Donald Trump and his wife Melania voting in New York yesterday. US voters wake up to history, says the headline.

The Irish Times front page line is that Americans turned out in huge numbers yesterday to vote. And its front-page cartoon, by Martyn Turner, takes an impartial view. It shows a man coming out of a polling booth, looking at a sign which says: "Now please wash your hands". 

Schools are back 

The Irish Times and Irish Examiner lead with the news from home, that all second-level schools are set to open today after the Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland agreed to suspend industrial action at hundreds of schools and attend conciliation talks with the Department of Education.

Public sector pay

The Irish Daily Mail's lead story, meanwhile, warns that a public sector pay free-for-all now threatens the long-awaited cuts to the Universal Social Charge promised in the Budget.

Rory McIlroy's Royal pal

The Irish Daily Star gives equal space to two stories on its front page: First is the news that the golfer Rory McIlroy is an old pal of Meghan Markle, the actress described as Prince Harry's new girl -- that's Harry Windsor. And that paper, like others, reports Harry's statement criticising her treatment by internet trolls. "This is not a game, this is our lives," he said.

Below that story on the Star's front page is the headline "Bono loses his shirt". It's a reference to the ethical clothing company Edun, controlled by the U2 man and his wife Ali, which the paper says made a loss of 6.85 million euro last year, bringing accumulated losses to 67.2 million euro.

Homeless woman 

The Irish Daily Mirror leads with a report on the homeless woman, named locally as Louise Casey, who was found dead in the freezing basement of a derelict bulding in Limerick yesterday morning.

Positive Action charity 

The Irish Sun reports in its lead story that Bernadette Warnock, who ran the now defunct Hepatis C charity Positive Action, was sentenced to prison for three years yesterday after she pleaded guilty to 71 counts of theft and forgery. The judge described her actions as "an enormous betrayal of trust".

But back to the American election, there is a letter in the Examiner from Vincent J. Lavery of the Irish Free Speech Movement, who may regret being so free with his speech. He says Donald Trump has had, since his entry into the race in June last year, about as much chance of winning the election as Donald Duck has.