'Commissioner orders all Gardaí not to take part in planned strike'

The paper leads with a report on what it calls the 'unprecedented intervention' by Noreen O'Sullivan, into the dispute between Gardai and the government over pay. 

What we're told she actually said meanwhile makes the headline in the Irish Independent:  'Do your duty' - Garda Chief's strike warning' is the headline there, with the story underneath saying that 'she has put her authority on the line by telling thousands of members of the force to ignore plans for a strike and turn up for work'.

For those who don't turn up, though, the Irish Examiner headlines possible consequences :  'Gardai risk being sued for failing to go to work' - we're told, over a piece which reports that that is what was said about it all by the Minister for Justice yesterday.

There's plenty more on it all inside the papers too....   in the Examiner,  Daniel McConnell expresses the view that:  'Strike is a mess of coalition's making', while Cormac O'Keefe says of the Commissioner:  'She makes a hard tackle as dispute enters extra time'.  In the Irish Independent, John Downing backs her stance under the headline:  The commissioner is absolutely right - gardai do have a duty.  For that reason, there must be no strike', while 'Gardai must step back from brink', is how the editorial writer in the Irish Times sees it.

Foster abuse scandal

How some see what is required in the wake of the foster abuse scandal known as the 'Grace' one meanwhile makes the actual lead story in the Irish Examiner today.  'Grace' officials urged to stand aside' is the headline over the story which says that in the wake of the detailed report into the case by Senior Counsel Conor Dignam, which was published yesterday, John Deasy and John McGuinness have said that the senior HSE and TUSLA officials involved should step aside pending the outcome of the state enquiry.  Mr Deasy and Mr McGuinness we're reminded were the TDs who were central to uncovering the case in the last Dail's Public Accounts Committee.

Bertie Ahern

The case Bertie Ahern is making meanwhile makes the lead story in the Irish Daily Mail this morning.  'Bertie:  Kenny is wrong about a Brexit Minister' is the headline.  In the story, we're told the former Taoiseach believes the job of 'handling Brexit is a huge mammoth task'.  The piece says Ahern feels if there is no full Minister assigned, there should at least be a special envoy, and the task demands a high-level figure such as former Attorney General Peter Sutherland.  We're told he said:  'The enormity of what is in front of us has to be grasped'.  Mr Ahern's actual commentary on it all is covered in a 2 page spread inside the paper - it's headed:  'I'd do it, but they wouldn't let me'.

US election 

Who Americans will let into the White House next week continues to get much coverage of course. A strap across the front of the Irish Independent says 'Democrat strongholds deserting Clinton', while the news report on it all in the Irish Daily Mail is headlined:  'Hillary email debacle gives Tump a lead in major poll'.

In the Irish Times, Kathy Sheridan writes about that aspect of it all under the headline 'Clinto email 'scandal' a far cry from Watergate, while on the front of the Examiner, Caroline O'Doherty reports on a bookshop owner in upstate New York who is in a bit of trouble for calling attention to what he believes Donald Trump is doing. We're told Brian Donoghue has had a banner made up with a swastika, a picture of the candidate and the words 'Make America hate again' on it.


How he believes we can make our own country work well again is a subject tackled by David McWilliams in the Independent today.  'Become the Ryanair of house building and you fix pay crisis' is the headline over his piece.  In it he says 'Control basic costs and you control basic pay... it really is that simple'.

Tom and Kitty Fitzgerald

But finally this morning, not simple, but truly awful, the scene found in Co Mayo yesterday. The deaths of Tom and Kitty Fitzgerald are on all the front pages and lead in the Irish Daily Mirror and the Irish Sun.  'Horror at Remote Cottage' says the Mirror as the papers report on the fatalities which, the Mail tells us, have shocked their rural Co Mayo community.  The Times says of the couple - they were described last night as 'community stalwarts and good neighbours, while the Mirror quotes the parish priest, who said simply:  'They were one of the nicest couples you could meet'.