The leaders from series nine have lost a collective 11st 3.5lbs since starting on the OT Plan and they are hoping that their success will inspire others to sign up for 2017. We caught up with the leaders to find out what Operation Transformation means to them and why they want you to sign up before November 4th! 

Cork woman Clare Scanlan was a truly inspirational leader in last year's series of Operation Transformation as she opened up about the loss of her son who died at the young age of fifteen from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). 

When we caught up with Claire, she spoke about her journey from her time on Operation Transformation up until now and how much has changed for her. Claire spoke very openly about the death of her son and how grief has affected her both mentally and physically.

"Society feels better if you feel better, they want you more positive and happy, and it's OK to feel down. But I would say since Operation Transformation I've had more better days than bad days so its been wonderful from that point of view."

Claire went on to explain why she signed up as a leader to the show in the first place and how many people her story has reached and the effect it has had on her.

"It was a cry for help from me, I suppose, because I was at a very low ebb when I did apply and ultimately it was to lose weight. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to lose weight, I was unhappy in myself, and my shape, and my size, and things had spiraled out of control."

Claire has gone from 17 stone 3 pounds to just under 15 stone and says that she's moving forward with her progress. 

If you think you have what it takes and want to change your life for the better log on to to download an application form. If you have any queries or would like an application form sent in the post, please call Helen or Elisha on 01 864 1444 or email The closing date for applications is Friday, 4 November 2016.