Not sure that it will ever get old seeing how brave Operation Transformation Irish contestants are getting into the black lyrca for their weekly weigh-ins and the five Celeb OT contestants are no different.

Elaine Crowley was first on the scales and after a lovely interview, a trip to her primary school where her late dad was a teacher, cooking for ten members of her family, she finally took to the scales and was delighted to be three and a half pounds lighter.

1. Elaine's Determination:
What really impressed us though, in addition to her bubbly personality and humour, was how she followed Karl Henry's exercise plan despite having a sore back. Her physio OK'd it but still she had to do it!

2. Brenda's Walking Group:
Doing what every busy working mum would love to, Brenda not only roped in a few friends to help her pound the pavement but a great bunch of her local friends and neighbours while also inspiring walking and working mums around the country.

3. Katherine Lynch's Straight Talking:
Loved her honesty saying that she was surprised at seeing how big she looked when she saw last week's show plus she was cross with herself for getting herself to a place where she needed to lose weight in the first place. Love that her beau Ger is a big helping hand. Love how much she loves her home peeps in Mohill, Leitrim. Karl Henry encouraged Katherine to look forward not back and we agree - she looks fab and is a natural leader.

4. Karl's Wake-Up Call:
This is Operation Transformation afterall - the overall message is for us all to transform the negative habits and aspects of our lives into healthier alternatives. With that in mind, Type 2 Diabetes is a serious disease in Ireland and this week Karl Spain was introduced to a sufferer, Paul Kenny, who had to have his leg amputated. Paul's honest interview, and that of his daughter Carol, are a wake up call for us all - never mind Karl or Gerald.

5. Gerald V's Karl:
Gerald Kean and Karl Henry had a disagreement over the plan last week, Gerald believes that Karl is wrong, Karl believes Gerald is not following the plan. It isn't that he wasn't doing enough but Karl felt that the 58-year-old is doing too much and that its not sustainable. He thinks Gerald is a man of excess and that he needs to tackle the plan at a steady pace. All eyes on Gerald next week then!

Inspirational stories are what OT is all about and thousands of people are working hard across the country to contribute to the Million Pound Challenge - click here to join in. One person who is flying ahead with his challenge is 36-year-old John Gregg who has lost 3 stone since January.

All in all a great show and a kick in the butt to do our bit before next week's final Celeb OT! #Sign

Weight Losses This Week:

  • Elaine  Crowley: 3.5 pounds
  • Brenda Donoghue: 4 pounds
  • Karl Spain: 5.5 pounds
  • Kathrine Lynch: 4 pounds
  • Gerald Kean: 6 pounds


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