Elaine Crowley is already being deemed an inspiration for bringing up sensitive issues about her life. In a recent interview, she candidly revealed how she qualifies medically for a breast reduction, a health issue rarely addressed in mainstream media.

We asked why she felt it so important to bring up a sensitive subject?

"It's a medical thing for some people" Elaine said. "With me it's not quite at that level yet that I feel I need to, but I do qualify medically under my health insurance".

"If your core muscles aren't strong, you're carrying around a few bags of sugar across your shoulders so it does influence your posture. There's no point in lying about it, they're there and they're not going anywhere.

"And they may affect my health in the future. It's something I have to think about" she added.

And what has the public reaction been like? 

"I haven't really been taking much notice of it. I know a lot of tabloids like to pick up on that stuff... I haven't had any huge response, not that I've looked! I'm trying to avoid all sorts of online stuff at the moment in case it tips me over the edge!"

Listen to Elaine Crowley tell RTÉ LifeStyle about avoiding social media:

There is a charming humility to Elaine. When we asked if it was difficult for such a well-known face to talk about their weight on the show, Elaine was quick to correct us, joking:

"Ah come here, anyone in Ireland who thinks they're a celebrity, if they're not Bono or a member of U2, are delusional"

"There's no celebrities in Ireland, come on! So no...that would have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. I love that, "Irish Celebrities" - inverted commas with that please!"

Why Elaine doesn't consider herself an Irish Celebrity:

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