Former Mister Ireland and Mister World, Kamal Ibrahim is taking a look at the cultural links between Ireland and Nigeria in his new RTÉ Reality Bites documentary, Miss Nigeria Ireland and Me.

Ibrahim is the very definition of multicultural, which was part of the inspiration behind his new culture documentary, Miss Nigeria.

"It's kind of funny thing the boxes I tick. I'm a black Irishman with an Arabic name whose Christian, with an Italian Irish mother and a Nigerian father." he said.

"The documentary is exploring Nigerian fashion, food, music, traditions in Ireland, how it's integrated and the affects it's had. It's also kind of evolved into me going back to Nigeria after 22 years and rediscovering a hidden past. I've no real memories of living there, which is weird because I was 8 when I left.

But the former pageant winner says that the age-old perception pageants are 'empty' still holds true for some events.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm anti-pageants. But I would have that stereotypical assumption that pageants are very empty. There are very few organisations that run a pageant the way they're suppose to be run..."

"In my opinion these kinds of competitions are there to give people a platform, experience, and to allow them to represent whether it's themselves, an organisation, or company on a world stage."

"I was very fortunate that with Mister Ireland and Mister World that's what I was able to do." he added.

Find out why Kamal thinks some pageants miss the mark on giving competitors an experience:

"And there's lots of good ones, but unfortunately there's lots of...there's lots of events that are held for the sake of them, that don't have real meaning. That fall short, that don't give the people the experience that they should have gotten."

"I'm very reluctant to be involved in or mention 'pageants' in the general sense".

Watch Kamal's full interview with RTÉ LifeStyle ahead of tonight's Reality Bites Miss Nigeria Ireland and Me