Known for her straight-talking approach to tackling weight issues, Dr Eva thinks that is exactly what we need - a direct apporach.
"You Irish people are always so nice and good craic. And you're worried that you're offending people. I love all that. Things need to be said the way they are", Dr Eva said, adding, "I would be 26 stone myself if I didn't watch my diet."

"I love food, I love cooking. I like everything in excess. I understand and sympathise with the problem. While I think it's really something we need to fight all the time"

But some people are tackling the issue all wrong:

"I hate when I hear someone saying they go on a diet or they do something...and there's almost like this end in mind, like 'when I get there'. One lady once said to me: 'Just give me your diet, sort me out so I can start living normally like all the rest.' But I'm like 'What is normal? Is it normal for 66% of the nation to be overweight or obese? Is that normal?' This game never ends."

The lesson Dr. Eva wants to teach? Simply moderation, moderation, moderation.
Watch our interview with Dr. Eva here:

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