By all accounts Nicky is proving a very popular choice in Sweden and Ireland isn't the only country looking forward to seeing him take the stage. We're quietly confident that he'll make it through to Saturday night's final. C'mon Ireland! 

In the meantime, to get you into the mood, here's a brief stroll down memory lane with a look back at the last TEN Irish entries:

2015: Molly Sterling

17-year-old Molly flew the flag for Ireland last year with her song, Playing with Numbers, a pared back number which she wrote with Greg French. Despite the simple staging, which featured Molly seated at a piano, the song failed to qualify for the Eurovision final, making it an ignominious two years in a row that we failed to advance. Sterling, a talented singer and songwriter, chose to continue with her music career and is back on Eurovision duty this year as a member of the Irish Jury.

2014: Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith

Featuring a fiddle and two kilted Irish dancers in kilts leppin' about the stage, Can-Linn's Heartbeat put a definite Oirish spin on what was essentially a modern pop tune. The staging featured oodles of gold Celtic imagery and despite pleas from everyone to drop the distracting dancers, they remained leaving the whole thing looking a bit of a mess. They failed to qualify for the final, coming twelfth in the semi-final with 35 points.

2013: Ryan Dolan

Ireland's 2013 Eurovision was also a Celtic take on modern pop, but voters weren't impressed, despite the leather-clad gyrations of Ryan's muscley bodhrán players. After finishing eighth in the semi-final, Ryan Dolan became only the second Irish Eurovision hopeful to end up Paddy last in the final.

2012: Jedward #2

The return of the Jedi. After their great success the previous year, finishing eighth with Lipstick, Jedward were back for more in 2012 with Waterfall, though this time didn't fare quite as well. The Grimes boys slid eleven places down the leader board from the year before, finishing nineteenth.

2011: Jedward #1

The year Europe was introduced to Jedward and they took to the competition with gusto. The dynamic duo won legions of new fans across Europe for their energetic performance of Lipstick which became Ireland's highest-placed entry in ages, finishing eighth with 119 points.

2010: Niamh Kavanagh

Already a song contest winner in 1993, with one of the all-time great, Eurovision songs, In Your Eyes, Niamh Kavanagh returned with It's for You in 2010. The voters weren't swayed by nostalgia and this time she only managed to finish in a lowly 23rd place. So much for Eurovision royalty!

2009: Black Daisy

Ireland tried to show a bit of attitude in 2009 with Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy's uptempo number, Et Cetera. That attitude earned them an early trip home as they just missed out on a place in the final with an eleventh place finish in the semi-final.

2008: Dustin the Turkey

If future historians need a starting point for when things really started to do downhill for Ireland in Eurovision, there is no better place to start than here. Ireland got the joke but nobody else was laughing. Perhaps perplexed by what it was that they were seeing, the people of Europe didn't seem to appreciate the national treasure that is Dustin the Turkey. Irelande Douze Pointe didn't pick up too many of those from voters and failed to qualify for the final, finishing fifteenth in the semi-final. It's as if Europe has never forgiven us since.

2007: Dervish

Wondering who it was that suffered the ignominy of being the first Irish entrants to finish last in the Eurovision? Look no further; fully equipped with the customary "woos" of an Irish trad song, Dervish finished in last place in 2007 with a measly four points (narrowly avoid the dreaded nul points thanks to our friends in eh, Albania). The song They Can't Stop the Spring was written by journalist John Waters. Yes really!! It might explain the rather lofty lyrics, "The curtain has been razed, And Europe’s all one stage, And the Archipelagic icicles, Have melted like the cage".

2006: Brian Kennedy

It seemed inevitable that Brian Kennedy would represent Ireland in the Eurovision at some point and he did so in 2006. Singing the self-written Every Song Is a Cry for Love, Kennedy finished a respectable tenth with 93 points, Ireland's second best showing in this playlist.

Here's to Nicky rehabilitating our reputation in Europe tomorrow night, Thursday May 12, 2016 in Thursday's Eurovision Semi-Final.

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