We have a love hate relationship with Ads - some are amazing, little creative gems and others are so crass, shameless, cheap and commercial that they do their brand and products no favours. The same can be said for branded content - some advertorials are genuinely interesting and others serve to only annoy. Then there are companies who release content which is so good and seemingly altruistic that you are simply grateful that it has been created. Naturally they get plenty of goodwill factor as a result but sometimes they deserve it. This is the case with IKEA's viral offering - The Other Letter. We'll say no more but rather let you enjoy this wonderful 2 minutes 41 seconds. Let's just say it's our little pay-it-forward gift to you this Monday after the mid-term. Enjoy.
Taragh Loughrey-Grant
P.s. Hope your working day goes quickly so you can get home and give your wee ones a bit of QT.