Although it deals with a tough topic – Louise’s battle against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – the incredibly brave Dubliner said it’s by no means a “cry-fest”.

“I suppose the subject matter is serious but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a serious programme,” Louise told RTÉ LifeStyle. “It’s got funny moments.”

The broadcast journalist was diagnosed with cancer exactly a year before her wedding to Gordon Spierin, something which happened entirely coincidentally.

“I didn’t know I had cancer when I booked [my wedding], it just worked out that way. It was nice to kind of put a full stop on it and feel like we could draw a line under it.”

Speaking to LifeStyle’s Leslie Leung, Louise shared her advice for dealing with the disease, saying that maintaining a positive attitude and seizing opportunities made a big difference for her.

“When you have your days when you feel good and you feel happy and you feel like you want to go and do stuff – go and do it, don’t hold back,” she said.

“You have enough bad days, so you have to embrace the good times.”

Watch the full interview above.