Morning GloryVille Ireland is a monthly event organised by William Meara and a very lively, warm and welcoming team who commandeer the Hangar on Dublin's Andrew's Lane from 6.30am until 10am.

Organiser William Meara explains what Morning GloryVille is and why he's encouraging people to Rave their way into the Day: "Morning GloryVille Ireland is an immersive morning dance experience with no alcohol, no drugs – you just gotta be brave to rave at 6.30am.

"You come down here, get yourself a massage, do some yoga...listen to 90’s decade dance music and disco. Right afterwards a lot of people go straight to work and they're all buzzed up [to face the day ahead].”

Meara told RTÉ LifeStyle that Morning GloryVille Ireland has plans to expand the event, bringing it to other Irish cities plus there are plans for ‘Digital Detox’ weekends where mobile devices are switched off and swapped for a two-day fun-filled, pampering extravaganza. Sign us up.

Willy Wonka is the theme for their next MorningGlory Ville Ireland event on Wednesday September 30, 2015, tickets are on sale now. Check out their Facebook page here for details.