Identify your needs clearly. With limited money to spend it’s important to understand exactly what you need. Maybe this is just a list to outline costs of various items, this will enable you to be ruthless with what you’re buying and fully understand your budget before you purchase.

Very important is your contingency plan.  Everyone needs one! No one is perfect, so your budget may have omission or errors. Once you identify your budget take 10% of it and put it aside. For example if you have 100 Euros to spend your budget will be 90 euros. There will be unforeseen cost that you have not accounted for, there always is.

Can’t afford new furniture? That’s ok; consider giving new life to existing furniture by painting it. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

As always paint in general is your friend, it’s a cheap & easy way to give spaces a new look. Why not try going for colours that are bolder than you may normally go for? When you don’t have much money to play with a little bit of drama on a feature wall may be just what you need to create an impact.

Can’t afford a new kitchen? Maybe update your look by changing the handles on your cupboards? Kitchen tile splash backs can be painted along with your cupboards and before you know it, it looks like a whole new kitchen!! Just be sure to get advice on how to prime your surfaces first. Most local hardware & paint shops will have someone on staff who can advise this.

Labour is the most expensive part of any renovation project. Where you can try your hand at some of the work yourself. It’s very important however that you hire a skilled professional for certain works, electrical, plumbing etc. This falls under the previous point of addressing your needs and ensuring you have allowed the correct budget for what you need.

Review your materials; can’t afford to tile your kitchen floor? Have a look at using a vinyl floor instead.  The advice in this situation would be to try and aim for the higher specification where possible on this if you can. You will see value for your money immediately in the look and longevity of the product.

Shop around. Shops like Ikea have a wide range of cost effective products but you can also search on eBay or websites like DoneDeal or Freecycle where you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can pick up for very cheap or free!! The internet is a great resource; you may want to consider selling some of your own items to generate some cash for your project.

Finally, take a good look at what you have already, you may be surprised at what you come up with! Imagine that old pair of wellies might make wonderful outdoor flower boxes!!! Happy hunting.