Give each area a distinct purpose- Work, rest & play for example. This allows your open plan space to flow through its different functions with ease throughout the day.  This zoning helps to create points of interest & intimacy.

These different spaces can be grounded in many different ways. For example a kitchen island can provide a nice psychological divide between kitchen & lounge area while providing central point where people gather.  Alternatively a central fireplace can also serve as beautiful focal point.

Be mindful of storage in your open plan space, they can easily get cluttered if they are not planned correctly. It’s important to plan correctly for each function of the space early on, to ensure you gain the most from your renovations. Fail to prepare- Prepare to fail!!

It’s important to unite your space with a common paint colour but feel free to ground different zones with a statement piece of furniture or art; these will provide a beautiful backdrop to your space & allow you to inject your own personal style into the space.

Personal Style

We all have our own unique personal style, some people are just better at tapping into theirs than others. We react to how someone displays their own style. Instead of hiding behind a sea of beige, express yourself! Channel your guilty pleasures! Everyone has different qualities maybe you’re playful, fun, serious, sophisticated, dramatic, masculine and feminine etc. You have so many sides to your personality, so how do you embrace them?  The answers are all around you, here are 5 ways you may discover your style.     

Look at your wardrobe what do you see

(You can see colours that you like or a style or even patterns and accessories)

Make scrap book with all the things you like, this could be an electronic pin board or just a book with magazine cut outs.

(If you’re too busy just write a list of items that you like)

What are you favourite colours

(Live with what makes you happy)

Where are you favourite places

(These places have a certain style and feel to them that you may what to bring into your home e.g. the beach, a festival, rolling fields….)

Who are your favourite celebrities and what do you like about them

(People that inspire you have their own personal style, you may like to borrow some items and translate them into your own style)

A personal style is self-expression, let people admire you and enjoy the things that make you unique and special.