It is important when designing your child’s room that you consider it from their point of view. Too often we see beautifully put together nursery’s and kids room that look amazing to the adult but say little or nothing t o a little person.

Get down to their level, try & get in their heads to really think about what they might want for their space. Here are a couple of helpful tips to help you out.


Think about their eye level- Want to put a mural on the wall? Make sure it’s at their vantage point as opposed to your own.
Where possible use furniture appropriate to their size, its less intimidating particularly if they are moving from a cot to a bed for the first time.
Toy storage should be at a level that’s easy for them to access. Imagine those jigsaws stuck up on the top shelf, never to be played with again? What a tragedy! This will help you out also as your children can get involved in cleaning up when it’s time to put everything away.


In this modern world we live in, how about making your child’s room unisex? Not only does this open up a world of possibilities in terms of palette but it also future proofs the space for younger siblings.
When picking colours try to avoid anything too primary (Bright red, yellow, blue), these can be hard to live with. Remember bedrooms should be restful places. Instead go for shades that are slightly muted and easier on the eye. We’re not saying no to red, yellow or blue, just exercise caution in the selection.


Think about framing your  kids artwork and hanging it on the wall, this is a lovely way to preserve some momentos and add character at the same time
Give yourself options with lighting, for example; soft low level lighting for bedtime is nice for reading helps to relax while task lighting is useful at a desk area.


Materials in a kids room should be hardwearing, use paint with a wipe-able finish, try an eggshell or a vinyl soft sheen. Never a matt, this will scuff in no time.
Feature walls can be created easily with wall sticker designed especially for children’s bedrooms. These are easy to source online, search for “wall stickers for children’s bedrooms” and you’ll find a ton of resources.
Bespoke wallpaper is another great option; there some great companies in Ireland that can make this happen for you. Check out
Don’t forget the ceiling! Try to think outside the box, why not paint this a feature colour? Or place a graphic here to bring the fantastical into your child’s space. Try to harness the imagination of your inner child here.