Teresa and Michael live in a detached house in a rural community outside of Limerick. They have five adult children, one of whom still lives with them. Ríona is 22 and has a learning disability. She finds change very difficult so The Design Doctors need to make sure she is on board with the new design and that it suits her needs.

Michael is a primary school principal and Teresa is retiring after 36 years working with people with special needs. Being home at lot more is something she is nervous about and she wants to adapt the house to suit her new lifestyle. Michael is quite laid back and teases her about being tied to the kitchen sink when she retires. Their home suffers from a real lack of light and is not pleasant to spend long periods of time in. All the lights have to be on all the time. The Design Doctors need to come up with a way of bringing light into the dark rooms and create a fresher more welcoming atmosphere in the home.

Teresa and Michael’s home has become cluttered after years of being a family hub so it is also a challenge for the Design Doctors to bring about more balance and harmony in the house and to create a more tranquil home for Ríona and for Teresa and Michael’s retirement years.

Contractors & Suppliers:

Main Contractor: Malachy Murphy | fpassembly@gmail.com

Kitchen Manufacturer: Ikea - Fitted by Builder

Tiles: Tile Style | info@tilestyle.ie

Paint: Dulux

Windows: Munster Joinery | info@munsterjoinery.ie

Blinds: Hillaries Blinds | http://www.hillarys.ie/

Carpet: Tony Grant Carpets | www.tower-carpets.com

Architects: DeBlacam and Meagher Architects | deblacamandmeagher.com