We have listed a number of ideas that will help increase the flow of positive energy in your home and teach you how to achieve the greatest harmony and balance.

Hang pictures 

Display lots of happy images of you and your family and friends throughout the house. These photos will remind you of the good times and encourage good energy. Display these photos in rooms where they will be seen regularly, like the kitchen and living room.


Clear the clutter 

Clear out everything in your house that you don’t love. The 7-Up test is a great way to de-clutter your home. This test requires you to empty the contents of your house into the garden and the only items you are able to bring back into the house are those that you rate 7 out of 10 and up. Clearing your house of clutter will make your house feel more spacious and removing all clutter also removes stale and dead energy from your space.


Light and Air 

It is important that you have good quality air and light in your home. Allow as much natural light as possible into your house, and in areas where natural light can’t reach use full spectrum bulbs as they emulate natural light. Open the windows in your house as much as possible as fresh air is very important to the flow of energy.


Maintain the front of your house 

Pay attention to the shape and exterior of your house. The front of the house is said to be more important to the balance and harmony of your home than the interior. Keep your front garden well maintained with seasonal flower, and ensure your front door is shining.


Bedroom Dynamics 

According to Feng Shui an ancient Chinese art and science, the flow of energy between the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen is very important to the harmony and balance in a home. Here are a couple of basic principles that you should apply to the design in your bedroom -

Don’t have a mirror facing the bed. Don’t have your bed in line with any door. Don’t have your bed positioned under a window as it weakens your energy. Don’t have a bed with access from only one side as it restricts the energy and if you are in a relationship it can limit the open flow of communication between you. And finally try not to have anything hanging above your bed.

Optimise Design