"Awe inspiring soft teals go brilliantly with richer, petrol like blues and all types of natural greens whether yellow or blue toned. It's greenish streak offers a nurturing quality, ideal for broader walls without overpowering the space." Rebecca Thompson, Colour and Design Manager

"Paint floors throughout the house and don't worry about the wear and tear underfoot. Signs of productivity are a beautiful by-product of the Home Factory living space." Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director

"Rethink the way you live and re-purpose everyday items to make a space more engaging and interesting. Reconnecting with what makes you happy is the perfect antidote to consumerism and creates a new style that is human centred. So add a homemade swing rather than an Eames chair if you want to!" Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director

"The style of an interior should be a reflection of how you occupy it. Bold dark statement wall colours fill the space but they need contrast to show them off properly, so add elements against the surface that pop and snap against it." Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director

"The deep teal combines the restfulness of green and the soothing quality of blue for a shade that feels natural and creative. Framing colours inspired by nature's dyes, like beetroot and summer berry saturated reds, truly brings this rich hue to life. For a more balanced effect, pair with softer teals and khaki based neutrals." Rebecca Thompson, Colour and Design Manager

"Warm toned greens connect us to the living world, creating an instant sense of well-being and encouraging us to live naturally through home grown ingredients. This alfalfa inspired hue works beautifully with soft teals or on its own with simple, raw wooden surfaces for a look of real honesty." Rebecca Thompson, Colour and Design Manager

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