One of this year’s interiors trends for the home is all about bringing the garden indoors, which may not be such a bad idea if an Irish summer is to be expected. Dulux tell us this trend is called One Small Seed. The idea being that just one small seed, or a few plants can transform your home into a space that brings the outdoors in. This look works especially well for kitchens overlooking gardens, and in sociable living spaces. Plants not only work as decorative features, but represent the delicate balance and importance of nature in our lives, introducing a distinct freshness and calm to your life.

So how do you work the look? Small potted plants can be used in a number of different ways - they look great bundled on a centre table area with just a few overhanging plants from the ceiling using trailing small ferns or small leaf ivy. Plants can be tiered up stairway by placing a small plant on each step. Small wall brackets can be used to hang individual pots scattered as you would picture frames.

A splash of green paint inspired by photosynthesis on a feature wall will bring out the colour in the plants, tying the look together, and adding spring freshness to the home. Opt for grassy, leafy and saturated tones of green from Dulux. A top colour for 2012 is zesty Dulux Agathia Green from the Dulux Easycare range – when paired with Dulux Mulberry Silk, Dulux Agathia Green adds contrast and brings the room together as in this image. Other great garden-inspired shades are Dulux Whistler Green and Dulux Gatehouse. Combine with earthy neutrals such as Flaked Almond and Warm Parchment to complete the look.

According to Louise Smith, Dulux Colour Forecaster, “The beauty of this look is that every home has the right basic pieces of furniture so it’s not expensive to achieve. A few plant pots and a splash of paint is all you need. Whether you have plain white furniture, or pale wood or dark wood, you can get the look with contrasting or matching plant pots. A splash of green paint on one of the walls in your favourite green shade will bring the look together.”

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