In our quest for a clean home, a lot of us tend to overlook our pillows which can in fact be the worst hygiene offenders. Dust mites and their related contaminants, nits, fungal spores and harmful bacteria can all survive in the comfortable and humid warmth of our pillows. For example did you know?

* The average bedroom has up to 10 million dust mites;

* Dust mites live up to 80 days and leave up to 1,000-plus dust particles which can cause night-time wheezing;

* Your pillow weighs 1/3 more after one year from dead skin cells, moisture and dust;

* A US study reveals that 25% of beds contain enough dust mite enzymes to trigger an allergic reaction.

If you are getting new pillows in the near future, it might be worth considering The SleepAngel Pillow, which has a unique technology to filter out a range of pollutants, ensuring peace of mind on a cleaner night’s sleep.

Irish company Gabriel Scientific produced The SleepAngel pillow by developing PneumaPure Filter Technology, which is the world’s first clinically proven barrier to pillow contaminants. It not only blocks out these allergens, it is proven in hospital studies to effectively block dangerous super bugs and hospital pathogens.

SleepAngel pillows start at €62 and are available in Harvey Norman and Shaws Department Stores nationwide and at