1. Paint vertical stripes

If your ceiling is low, vertical stripes are an ideal way to make the room feel taller and therefore more spacious. Just be careful of making the stripes too wide as this might in fact make the room feel shorter again.

2. Make your bed the focus

A small bedroom still deserves to make a style statement. Go for an oversized headboard for that boutique hotel bedroom feel and hang bedside lamps from the ceiling to save on space.

3. Use a big mirror to reflect light

Using mirrors to magnify a small space is an age-old trick that always works. Buy the biggest one you can afford which can fit the space and see the difference it makes immediately.

4. Choose sliding wardrobes

Cupboard doors that open out can really get in the way in a small space. A smarter option is to choose sliding doors which take up no extra space and even semi-transparent doors which will make your room feel lighter (but you'll have to keep the insides tidy!)

5. Choose built-in furniture for loft bedrooms

Standard-sized furniture can be tricky to fit into a small loft bedroom with irregular angles. But investing in custom-built cupboards and drawers will allow you to utilise every inch of space.