Celebrity deaths are always a strange cultural event - outpourings of tributes for those lost clog social media timelines and inevitably prompt cynical op-eds on the pointless grieving for people we never knew. 

However, when celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain died by suicide on June 8th 2018, the world collectively set down their knives and forks, stepped away from the table and grieved. This one was different. 

A chef by trade, Bourdain honed his writing career in early mornings around kitchen shifts, eventually publishing his first memoir, Kitchen Confidential, which spawned numerous highly successful television shows.

Arguably the most successful and emblematic of these, Parts Unknown, saw the intrepid chef report from some of the most diverse cultures in the world, bridging divides with his eagerness to find commonalities and fondness for shattering stereotypes. 

Memorable episodes include hosting then-President of the United States, Barack Obama in a Vietnamese hole in the wall filled with plastic chairs and bowls of soupy noodles; meeting his hero Paul Bocuse in his eponymous restaurant, Bourdain at his most breathlessly, endearingly star struck; and, of course, eating taco fries, curry chips and battered cod in a Dublin chipper, with three lads he just met in the pub.   

Now, two of Bourdain's closest friends and fellow chefs - Eric Ripert and José Andrés - are inviting fans back to the table for #BourdainDay, held on the late chef's birthday, asking friends and fans alike to share their memories of the towering figure. 

Here are some of the best #BourdainDay posts so far, now go eat something meaty, rustic and little ugly in his name! 

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