This week on The Great British Bake Off, our remaining bakers were challenged to create four mouth-watering pies. They had to be flakey, buttery and packed with a savoury filling.

All four pies had to be connected by a theme and covered with a delicious short crust decoration. According to Stacey, "pastry can smell fear".

Julia was sent home despite Stacey leaving paper in her pastries!

Yan's Scientific Pies was made with the equation for the perfect pie. However, while the pastry turned out well, the decoration fell apart and the filling was deemed dry.

Steven's Musical Pies were created with two separate batches of shortcrust - one for the pie and one for the decoration. The theme was Fleetwood Mac and each pie was decorated to represent a song; Big Love, Storms, Angel and Song Bird.

Kate's Hero Pies were decorated with the faces of John Lennon, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Amelia Earhart. Sadly, the faces didn't turn out quite as planned and the pies were ultimately deemed pleasant but boring. 

Sophie's Seasonal Pies were decorated to represent the four seasons and were filled with delicious blue cheese and spinach.Sophie achieved the right sauce level and was honoured with a 'Prue pat' (not unlike a Hollywood handshake or Fielding Fondle).

"Wonder if it's possible for a baker to earn the Hollywood Handshake and a Prue Pat in a single week #GBBO"

Stacey's Love Pies was a very romantic affair. By adding red food colouring to her egg wash she created four very pretty, neat, well baked and well filled. "Like a proper northern pie" according to Hollywood.

Liam's Footie Pies represented the nineteen-year-old well and was named a "triumph" by Judge Paul. The football and gamer theme included a remote control shortcrust decoration.

Julia's Nature Pies was filled with raw meat that she was hoping would cook through. Luckily, her timing paid off and the meat was cooked but sadly, her pastry was left over baked.

GBBO judges and cake
GBBO's Pastry Week

Paul Hollywood's Technical Challenge
Paul challenged the bakers to create a batch of Portuguese custard tarts known as 'pasteis de nata'.

Unfortunately, most of the bakers had never heard of the creamy delicacy and according to Paul, "things can go wrong from the very beginning" when creating these treats.

While Sophie pulled through with a decent result, Kate was left with burnt tops, Liam's tarts had no swirl, Stacey had bad shells, Steven had bad custard, Julia had the wrong idea and only Yan was left with a good result!

GBBO contestants
GBBO contestants

Show stoppers
The contestants had to make a family sized, hand raised pie with hot water crust and the filling of their choice. The pies then had to be decorated with a glazed fruit.

Sophie's Game Pie with glazed forest fruit was deemed excellent but the pastry a little too thick.

Steven's Christmas Pie with cranberry relish just about managed to cross the finish line with the help of Yan. It was neat and pretty but slightly bland.

Liam's Nan's Sunday Dinner Pie was made with turmeric pastry and topped with mango and avocado salsa. The young man decided to change tactics at the last second and stick to the traditional method of molding the pastry to the outside of the tin. The result? Hollwyood called it "spectacular".

Yan's Checkerboard Pie was made with a modern twist - our baker decided to mold her pastry to the inside the tin. The risky move paid off and Yan was left with a stunning and crispy pie with good flavour. 

Julia's Special Occasion Pie was topped with honey glazed pears. Unfortunately, the meat was over cooked and the pastry was under cooked. 

Stacey's Indian pie was meat free and topped with glazed mango cubes. Things quickly fell apart for Stacey as she left a circle of parchment sheet at the bottom of her pie.

Kate's Potato Curry Pie was also made with turmeric pastry and was filled with potatoes and topped with mango and chilli. She presented a pretty pie with good flavour.

"Kate and her potato pie though. As a simple Irish girl I'm loving it. Put her through! #GBBO2017"

Liam was named star baker

Who won pastry week?
Despite being a Man United fan when Hollywood ABU, nineteen-year-old Liam was named star baker by the judges who were won over by his family recipes and inventive decoration.

"The whole of Britain when Liam got Star Baker #gbbo"


"All of Twitter when Liam finally went and got Star Baker #GBBO"

GBBO Julia
Julia was sent home this week

Who was sent home?
Julia was sent home at the end of pastry week.

Viewers were sad to say goodbye to Julia and were quick to point out Stacey's mistakes...

"#GBBO Stacey's pie literally had parchment paper in the bottom of it and yet she still didn't get eliminated?"



"Stacey baked paper into her pie; PAPER!! and yet Julia goes? I’m questioning humanity rn. #GBBO"

Next week, the bakers will face a brand new challenge - Italian week.