An Indian woman's tweet has gone viral thanks to the intricate detail of her foolproof shopping list.

Era Londhe tweeted earlier this week, saying: "This is the task I gave my hubby last weekend! Even U guys shud follow this list for happy customers #bigbasket #grofers #reliancefresh"

According to Era, her husband is "not a foodie" and didn't get the "hang of veggie shopping" due to the fact that he had spent over ten years staying in hostels and eating out before he got married.

The list itself is pretty straightforward, consisting of vegetables such as tomatoes and onions as well as some Indian staples such as bhindi (okra) and palak (spinach) but we have to admit, we are pretty impressed.

Era even included illustrative doodles beside each item to show the size and shape that each vegetable should be. For example, the mirchi (chillies) should be straight, not curled.

The popularity of the list has grown and now has over 1.4k Re-Tweets. Not only that, but Era seems to be spending her days sharing foodie advice to her fans: "You can lightly press the bhindi to check its freshness, it should not be too soft or too hard", she told one follower.

"Since many people wanted explanation of the vegetable list I gave to my husband @gaurav198512 , check for the answers :) @zedchrmsm"

We may just save a copy of this shopping list for ourselves!