SuperValu is on a mission to get the nation cooking.

So to kick off the summer right, they brought together an extraordinary group of chefs and nutritionists for exciting panel discussions and cookery demos.

Where is your top holiday food destination and why?

My top holiday food destination would have to be Calella de Palafrugell in Spain. I love the Costa Brava. There are lovely markets there. Great for swimming the sea and there are fantastic restaurants all around there.

Top 3 dishes to make for a summer BBQ?

Obviously, our summer BBQ is totally different 'cause ours is veggie. We did one on the weekend there. We had purple sweet potatoes, we did oyster mushrooms and sun-dried tomato pesto. We had asparagus. Obviously, aubergines and lots of oil.

It's so easy to do a veggie barbeque and do it totally different, so yeah, I think oyster mushrooms and red pesto is fantastic.

What's your top sugar-free treat for summer?

I think, we've done a good few. We got a recipe for a Bounty Bar - so it's a homemade Bounty Bar. Obviously there's no sugar in it, no refining foods - easy to make and your kids'll love it. So I think that's a fantastic one.

And if you put it in the freezer it's like Bounty ice-cream, it's very good. I will make them with my kids this summer.