Operation Transformation may be coming to an end of the current TV series with the double episode grand finale this week on Wednesday and Thursday nights but their recipes are good all year-round. Below are the snacks for both the men and the women on the campaign trail. Incidentally Op Trans will be running year-round now on Radio, Social and online. Kathryn Thomas was telling RTÉ LifeStyle all about it earlier and you can read more here.

Crunchy Roast Chickpeas

Men's Campaign-Trail Snack Options: 

Op Trans has a lot of healthy snack options to keep you going

Women's Campaign-Trail Snack Options with Operation Transformation:

Fructose and protein combo work wonders

Crunchy Roast Chickpeas
Another healthy snack option is Siobhan Berry's Crunchy Roast Chickpeas they're totally delicious and a seriously nutritious snack. Click here for more.

Now that's a snack we could all live with - chocolate and hazelnut mix

Chocolate Hazlenut Protein Balls are a great canvassing healthy boost and as chef Indy Power says: "They’re incredible if you're in the mood for something a little more indulgent, a little more of a treat! They only take a few minutes to make and are full of protein and magnesium making them the ideal post workout treat." Click here for recipe.

Kale Crisps are a surprisingly delicious option - here's the recipe

Richie Virahsawmy's kale crisps