The contestants face the challenge of cooking a Dylan-inspired dish for all of Ireland’s Michelin Star chefs and Tim Clark the President of Emirates Airline.

Comments At the Chef’s Table:

Tamarin’s dish
Ross Lewis liked that the “flavours are shifting as you eat up the stick”. Guillaume Lebrun “thought the prawn should have been less cooked and much more delicate.”

Terry’s dish
Kevin Thornton said “the seasoning is perfect”. Oliver Dunne said  “the dish was perfectly executed and was seasoned perfectly”
Martijn Kajuiter said “Cooking is not only executing a recipe it is also tasting, judging the flavours, I thought it was getting a bit one dimensional” Kieran Glennon added “I’d be happy to eat that dish in any Michelin starred restaurant…cracking dish.”

Brian’s dish
Kevin Thornton said “I don’t like the oyster, it is too soggy”. Tim Clark added “A fantastic dish and one I wasn’t looking forward to as lobster is not one of my favourite things”. Ross Lewis said“You cooked the lobster perfectly. If anyone in my kitchen cooked the lobster like that I would be giving them a clap on the back.”

Nicha’s dish
Ross Lewis said “it’s a high wire dish, very balanced, someone has been asked to replicate this he or she has done a fantastic job.” Tim Clark added“I was amazed the way the red pepper and the raspberry worked together.” Keiran Glennon said“10 out of 10, the lavender was very well balanced.” Guillaume Lebrun said “I could order it every day.”

Brian was eliminated by Nick and Dylan as they felt he didn’t have the speed or attention to detail to make it into the final week of Masterchef 2012 .