Just twelve contestants remain in this year’s competition and they are all fighting to get a step closer to the coveted title of MasterChef Ireland 2012.

Tonight these 12 amateur cooks travel to Kilkenny Castle where The Kilkenny Triathlon is taking place. There, the contestants are charged with the difficult task of preparing lunch for 200 hungry Triathlon athletes after they have completed the Triathlon.

Cooking in mobile kitchens on the grounds of Kilkenny Castle, the 12 are split up into two teams and must battle against each other to create a menu and lunch that will impress the hungry, weary diners.

But with the pressure on and the teams having to produce two main courses, two side dishes and one dessert option for the athletes from a range of seasonal and Irish produce provided, which of the teams will be able to cook up a storm and be declared the winner at the end of the day?

One lucky contestant who is deemed the Best Overall Performer on the day by Nick and Dylan will also get the chance to cook alongside Chef of the Year 2012 Garrett Byrne at Campagne Restaurant in Kilkenny. Garrett will demonstrate how to cook Lobster lasagne and the contestant will be responsible for that dish across dinner service.

For the runner up team, their challenge is not over and they must return to the MasterChef Kitchen where it’s revealed that they must design and cook a 3-Course menu that would be suitable for the First Class passengers of Emirates Airline.

At the end of the day, two contestants will lose their aprons, in the first double elimination of the series.