There’s a definite chill in the air and the leaves are taking on tones of gold and bronze. Thankfully, Maura Derrane and the Four Live team are back to bring some life into those dull winter afternoons. Janice Butler and Sarah McIntyre report.

“I’m thrilled to be back for another year of Four Live”, says Maura Derrane. “I really enjoyed the challenge of presenting the show on my own last year and it’s great to have a second season. We feel the show has really settled and that we’ve a fantastic loyal following now. I had a great summer – working and some time off.

“When I finished up on Four Live I went to India to do some work with the Hope Foundation, which is an Irish charity working with street children in Calcutta. We did some filming over there which we are going to show on Four Live, so I’m looking forward to sharing that experience with everyone.”

With everything from fashion tips to heartwarming recipes, here’s how the Four Live team plan to survive the season ahead.

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