Irish activist Sinéad Burke is the influencer Ireland needs. This 3'5 foot powerhouse of a woman has just become a cover star - alongside Kim Kardashian no less - for The Business of Fashion.

The theme? The Age of Influence.

As a writer, academic and fashionista, Sinéad has challenged the media - and society at large - to rethink design especially when it comes to representing and affecting those living with a disability.

The Ted Talker aspires to influence various industries to work with empathy and diversity at the forefront of their designs. Not only does this make sense morally but it makes sense financially.

As Burke told the BoF: "My money and my existence is as valid as yours. And yet, I'm not accommodated for."

She continued: "One of the challenges of fashion is that it is notoriously hierarchical and it profits from exclusivity.

"In order for the disabled market to be relevant customers and to have their voices validated, there has to be power sharing.

"There are very few people within the fashion industry in positions of power who have lived experience or an empathy within this area."

Fired by ambition and frustration, Sinead's achievements to date have been downright outstanding.

From her ‘Extraordinary Women’ interview series to her feminist fashion line, the change-maker has spoken on various stages across the world.

Recently, the Irish woman spoke at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she asked that design schools develop a curriculum on designing for bodies that "extend beyond the bell curved". 

Additionally, the design-disruptor asked that governments and brands develop bursaries to encourage disabled people to work within the industry, to ensure that buildings are accessible to all and for brand ambassadors to be chosen with inclusivity in mind.

In an age where we, as a society, give our time and attention to those with a social media platform - whether they deserve it or not - perhaps it's time to celebrate a truly worthy victor.

Below are some of our favourite snaps from Sinéad's Instagram - you can follow her here.

Striking a pose with Russian model and Elbi creator Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova aka Supernova.

Chilling with Will.I.Am.

Taking a selfie with Joe Biden.

Serving face with RuPaul.

Partying at EP with Bressie.

Counting down to her Ted Talk.

Slaying the fashion game.