The name Naomi O' Callaghan is synonymous with any Irish beauty fan claiming to know her stuff. I first met Naomi three years ago when I was lucky enough to have her do my make-up while working as a Bobbi Brown professional make-up artist in Dublin's Brown Thomas

You could say I literally followed her home that day as soon after she decided to follow her dream and set up her own HD Brow business while working from home.

As one of the first people to introduce HD Brows to Ireland I can honestly say her brow work is exceptional, a claim to which many of my referrals will attest.

The sheer delight she personally takes in seeing the finished results is something I look forward to on every visit.

Fast forward to July 2015 and Naomi has landed herself some prime real estate in the painfully cool South William Street.

The Loft SWS is located on the 3rd Floor of 27 South William Street and is open six days a week. Staying true her core business treatments available include the hugely popular HD Brows, occasion make-up including bridal & most recently added LVL Lashes.

To date, LVL (length Volume Lift) lashes were not on my beauty radar so not wanting to be left in the dark I popped into The Loft SWS to find out more. 

Arriving mascara & eye-makeup free Naomi commenced the 45 minute treatment by cleaning my lashes and then placed a shield over my lower lashes to make sure they were protected from the perming solution. If you've ever had lash extensions you'll be familiar with this kind of procedure. Closing my eyes over each shield they remain closed for the rest of the 45-minute treatment.

The next step was to comb out my lashes and place silicone shields on my upper lids. These shields determine the level of lash lift and there are three options to choose from most dramatic (small shield), average (medium) and least dramatic (large). I went with medium, as my very straight lashes while already long required a natural lift & curl.

Gently pulling my lashes up onto the shield Naomi then applied a perming lotion to the roots. Leaving the perming solution on to set for 10 minutes, a neutraliser was then applied to the roots for five minutes. Following that a black tint to darken my lashes was also applied.

The final step was a to apply moisturising serum, which helps the lashes lift off the shield. 



On first glance the results are immediate and highly impressive, but it is actually the next day when the lashes have dried do you really see the results. Add the blackest mascara you can find and this is when your LVL Lashes really come into full effect.  What I like the most about this treatment it is as long as you have eyelashes the results are universally effective whether you are 18 or 80 years old.

In particular I would recommend LVL Lashes to any woman who is time poor whether full time working women or Mums on the run who don't have time  pre-school run mascara or if like me, you are just tired of using an eye lash curler every day then LVL Lashes are for you!

Priced at €50 and lasting up to eight weeks this treatment may not become an bi-monthly investment for everyone but is certainly worth considering coming into the Christmas party season,
are a soon-to-be-bride or simply heading off on a beach holiday !

Would I personally go for LVL Lashes again? Absolutely!  Will I be buying a LVL Lash gift vouchers this Christmas...absolutely!

As a pre-Christmas treat and exclusive to RTÉ Lifestyle, all readers will receive an introductory 15% discount on appointments booked in November.

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