This year on Big Week on the Farm, we will be learning about the secret life of roosters, calves and - most surprisingly - vets!

Before we delve into these extraordinary lives, let's look back to the lives of last year's animals. Remember those Border Collie puppies? 

At just four-weeks-old, those puppies had won the country over with their undeniable cuteness. However, meeting sheep for the first time proved very difficult for some of them!

Firstly, what does a sheepdog's work look like? A brief history before we get to all the cuteness of the puppies:

Even at this tender age, the most inquisitive pups can be singled out as potential sheepdogs for farm work.

How did our pups fair out?
Under the watchful eye of their mother, two pups made some cautious steps towards their future woolly-wards. But dwarfed by the towering sheep, were they brave enough to make it to the end?

Watch a recap of last year's Secret Life of Border Collie Puppies here:

Throughout the programme, there was an outcry of support from Irish dogs across the country (no seriously!) As shown by Kody and Meg:

And there was still a bit of 2016's host John Fagan on tonight's programme too!

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