This year on Big Week on the Farm, we will be learning about the secret life of roosters, calves and - most surprisingly - vets!

Before we delve into these extraordinary lives, let's look back to the lives of last year's animals. Remember those adorable donkeys? 

Donkeys are an extraordinary farm animal and as viewers witnessed last year on Big Week on the Farm, they have a huge emotional range and with enough exercise and mental stimulation, they can live up to 50 years of age. 

Inextricably linked to Irish history, it is surprising to know that they have only been in the country for a few hundred years.

With enough exercise and mental stimulation, they can live up to 50 years

For generations, they provided transport and helped on the farm. They are a herd animal and thrive on both companionship and attention, often pairing with another donkey for life. Awww!

When a donkey's partner dies...Donkeys tend to find a partner in friendship, despite gender, for life. That means two males, females or a mix of the two can become incredibly close.

But what happens when one of the pair dies?

The surviving donkeys can become stressed and/or ill during this time. And as viewers witnessed last night, when one donkey dies, the other partner is given time with the body to come to terms with the death and mourn.

Luckily, companionship isn't a problem in the donkey sanctuary in Malow, Co Cork which is home to over a thousand donkeys. Check it out in the video above.