Some words are better than others, especially when it comes to important terms such as slurry, fluffy chicks and heifers. 

Áine Lawlor agus Elly Mc Sweeney agus na sicíní clúmhacha

The fluffiest, cutest of all birds, the chick is sicín clúmhach

On the other side of things, the Irish for slurry is the very onomatopoeic, sliodar.

Jumping on them is a staple of most rural childhoods, the Irish for a bale of hay is burla féir.

A clucking hen is cearc atá ag grágaíl and handily enough, ag grágaíl is also used for a particular type of roaring from humans too!

Brace yourselves, the Irish for a baby lamb, a lamb is uainín. 

Stephen Byrne agus uainíní beaga
Stephen Byrne agus uainíní beaga

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