The latest IPCC climate report was published this week and it does not make for nice reading. In fact, it is downright scary.

It's a good time for us to look back on this episode of Ecolution where we meet Social Ecologist, Kathryn McCabe who takes the students at Ireland's first democratic school, the Wicklow Sudbury School, on a guided exercise in eco anxiety.

"Eco-Anxiety is a term that describes a broad range of feelings that occur as a result of understanding the huge problems we are living with on the planet. It is an indicator of care and empathy, but can also feel overwhelming at times," according to Kathryn.

In terms of dealing with the news this week Kathryn says: "If you, or a young person in your life, care about the world then times like this when a new and scary report comes out might bring up a number of responses.

It can be helpful to recognise your feelings and have some tools to deal with them.

People might feel a desire to 'turn-off', to cry, to rage or to blame. It's important to make space to be with your feelings, ideally with a trusted friend. You can let them know you don't want solutions, just listening.

Take slow time in nature, join or start an ecological justice group like SCAN, and look at how your spending choices contribute to social and ecological justice issues.'"

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Watch the RTÉ News report on the IPCC report here to find out more.

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