In the fifth episode of Microsoft DreamSpace ByteSize, Michael and Niamh reflect on the computational thinking skills we have covered so far in the series and introduce you and your class to the concept of code and coding.

They are going to be practicing coding by discussing our previous knowledge on the term and design a short personal profile that will be displayed by our micro:bit simulator.

Design your very own computer program but not before we learn all about what exactly code is, how block-based coding is a great way to start learning and what blocks of code we may need when creating our personal profile program.

During the review, reflect on how we used the computational thinking skills we have been practicing to help us design our program and why it was important to consistently test our code to ensure that it is working properly.

WALT: We Are Learning To Code All About Ourselves

Everything you need to follow this episode of #MSDreamSpace ByteSize is here.

Download the complete handbook HERE

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The coding activity will require students to have access to an internet connected device (phone, tablet device or laptop) and to log in, on the browser of choice to

If for whatever reason the student cannot code on the MakeCode for micro:bit web app, you can still practice with the downloadable resources above.

Check out the curriculum links for this episode below:

Curriculum Area: SPHE

Strand: Self-identity

Strand Unit: Myself

Curriculum Area: Primary Language

Strand: Oral Language

Element: Communicating, Understanding, Exploring and using

Strand: Writing

Element: Exploring and using

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