In the second episode of Microsoft DreamSpace ByteSize, Michael and Niamh introduce you and your class to the second problem solving skill used by computer scientists and coders and pattern recognition

It's time to look for patterns in problems. We are going to be practicing this skill by looking for patterns in the environment around us.

Create your very own identification key but not before we learn all about natural materials by collecting some from the local environment and finding some patterns that will help us out.

During the review, let's reflect on how we could have improved our keys and why it is important to always test out our work to see if it can be improved.

WALT: We Are Learning To Make A Key

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Curriculum Area: Geography

Strand: Natural environments

Strand Unit: The local natural environment

Curriculum Area: Science

Strand: Materials

Strand Unit: Properties and characteristics of materials

Curriculum Area: Mathematics

Strand: Data

Strand Unit: Representing and interpreting data

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