Home School Hub team were honoured to be joined by Cartoon Saloon legends Tomm Moore, Maria Pareja and Gráinne Rose Fordham who worked on the Oscar-nominated movie WolfWalkers!

They are going to show everyone at home how to create your own amazing scenes and get a small taste of what it is like to be a full-time artist working on big movies.

Tomm Moore has been with Cartoon Saloon from the start and he is the co-director of the film along with Ross Stewart.

He shows us how to draw the two main characters in the film - Robyn Goodfellowe and Mebh Óg MacTíre. Have a look at the video below to see how he makes the drawings that will eventually be animated!

Next we meet Maria Pareja who worked as a Production Designer and Scene Illustrator on WolfWalkers.

The film is set in Kilkenny, especially the forests around the city, so Maria is going to show us how she helped to create the world around the characters. The team went for walks nearby to be inspired by nature!

And here Gráinne shows everyone how she drew the wolves for the movie...

It's a really great tip to have a cut-out of the character to see how they look wherever your imagination takes them! Why not try to make your own scenes?

Thanks so much to all at Cartoon Saloon!

To help you practice, WolfWalkers have already teamed up with Butler Gallery in Kilkenny to produce some amazing colouring sheets. Find out more HERE!

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