From my windown

Today, Múinteoir Clíona created a wonderful scene of Paris, France as we imagined viewing the city through a window.

We saw famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum and l'Arc de Triomphe, as well as lots of houses and rooftops.

However - remember you don’t have to be in another country to see cool things out your window - there can be interesting things outside where we live too! Everything can be art!

Go to the nearest window in your house and take a good look outside.

What do you see? Draw one thing that you see on the easel.

It could be: From my Window

A postbox                                          A motorbike
A cat                                                  A shop
A baby in a pram                               A chimney
Someone cycling                               A tree
A river                                               Some graffiti
A bird Someone painting a fence     A delivery van A signpost

Get all the activities including some cool art tips here!

Agus as Gaeilge ANSEO!

Stained glass windows

Sometimes, windows are not just there to be looked through - instead, they are there to be looked AT!

Ireland is very well-known for its famous stained glass windows. Stained glass is glass that has been coloured by adding coloured metallic salts.

These pieces of coloured glass sare then arranged to form patterns or pictures. The main thing that stained glass windows need is light! For instance, when the sun shines through a stained-glass window, the colours become vibrant and spectacular.

There was a very famous Irish stained glass window designer called Harry Clarke. You can still see his work in churches around the country and also on display in a special room at The National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.

Today, a single pane of glass from one of his windows is worth thousands of euro.

Create Stained Glass

Have a go at creating your own piece of stained glass by colouring in the stained glass window outline below. You can use colouring pencils, crayons, pastels markers or paint.

Think: How can I make the fish stand out from the background?

Perhaps some contrast between the fish and the background could work well? What colours would work well with the sun shining through them?

If you have any shiny sweet wrappers around the place, you can cut them up and stick them in also as they give a very vibrant effect!

Become an art critic!

We mentioned earlier that some of Ireland's finest stained glass windows are on display at the National Gallery of Ireland, located in Dublin city centre.

While the museum is closed for visitors now, you can still take a virtual tour of some of the coolest rooms there: Virtual Tour

Pretend you are an art critic and pick out your favourite piece of art that you saw during the virtual tour.

Answer the questions in the sketchbook page below about the piece.


  • Choose a piece that stirs some emotion in you - perhaps it was a painting that made you feel happy, sad, inspired or maybe even made you laugh?
  • If you can’t take the virtual tour right now, find a piece of art online or in book, newspaper or magazine around your home as use it for your critique.
  • Or, if you’re inspired by Muinteoir Cliona’s trip to Paris, use the most famous painting that’s on show at the Louvre Museum in Paris - The Mona Lisa!