Phil of Science already has a theory on how Santa's sleigh flies, now he explains how it might be able to go so fast. Could be thanks to a vacuum?

How Santa's sleigh flies according to the Hub Lab

Let's hear from the man of science himself...

Vacuum cleaners are amazing right? No really! Have you ever wondered how they work? Well if you used a straw to suck up a drink then believe it or not you've mimicked how a vacuum cleaner works!

You see, as you suck the air out through the straw, liquid from the glass takes its place. This is because you are creating an empty space with your mouth. The liquid will continue to flow upward and into your mouth so long as you continue to suck.

This is exactly what's happening in a vacuum. The bit that makes the noise has a motor inside with a rotating fan that creates a flow of air which creates the empty space and that begins to suck in air through the suction nozzle at the end of a pipe. That’s why all the dirt and bits of leftover dinner on the floor, get sucked up inside and collected in the bag.

If you’ve gotten this far you’re probably wondering, it’s Christmas Phil why are you telling us this? Well, in our other Christmas experiment I showed you how I think Santa’s sleigh flies. Knowing how a vacuum works gives me an idea about how Santa goes so fast!

You see normally when you you’re travelling in a vehicle, like a sleigh you’ve to push a load of air out of the way to keep moving. This takes a lot of energy and the faster you go the harder it is to do. If you’ve ever heard the term aerodynamics, that’s exactly what it describes, how air moves.

So with what I did on the Hub Lab this time is I used a vacuum to suck the air out of the tube. By me putting the card and paddle at each end it meant that there was much less air inside it than outside, so when I removed the paddle all the air outside rushed in and fired the bottle out the other end. Also because the bottle was travelling through less air it was able to go much faster!

I think Santa and Mrs Claus use some form of this very technology alongside the magnetic floating sleigh research to get flying super quickly to deliver all of the presents. The bit I don’t understand yet is how they create a vacuum everywhere they go… Maybe they just borrow yours! Make sure you leave it out along with the milk, biscuits and carrots. I will! Oh and I’ll keep at my research too – let us know if you have any ideas too!

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