Roll up, roll up for the custardy goooblecky challenge. Ok so custard is AMAZING right? 

No, no, custard IS actually amazing...seriously amazing. Oobleck or Goobleck as we like to call it is just a fancy name for what is pretty much just custard.

So, you can do this at home and make a mess of your very own kitchen...but remember you will have to clean up afterwards!

In this Hub Lab we will...
1. Investigate how materials may be changed by mixing.
2. Explore the different states of matter – solids, liquids and observe how they behave under stress.
3. Investigate the characteristics of materials when wet and dry – powder/ flour.

After it's made why not play a game?

Ok, so now you make this magical stuff which is both a solid and a liquid. It is solid when we put pressure on it, but it is a liquid when we take the pressure off. Now we're going to demonstrate this with a game.
Split groups into teams if you have to.

There will be a tray in front of the kids with oobleck with marbles in it. They will take turns trying to remove as many marbles as possible using a fork in one minute. (use your phone as a stopwatch).  

As the game goes on explain that this is oobleck, and just like custard, it is a Non Newtonian liquid which means it can act as both a solid and a liquid. As the kids are under time pressure to get as many marbles out as possible they will hopefully rush...but the quicker you move through the liquid the more difficult it is to move. Slow and steady will win this race.

To try this yourself just download the instructions below...

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