For any team to succeed they need a great coach, so it's time for the Keep It Up crew and everyone at home to meet Coach Emer.

Emer is a PE teacher, TV presenter and former Ireland basketball star and she wants to find out why girls never play or just quit sports. Watch here as she meets the girls for the very first time and has some words of encouragement that apply to them and everyone watching the show.

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As Emer says, sport is not always what we think it is. If you cycle or walk to school or wherever that means that you are sporty. Being active and having fun is the most important thing. Get behind each other and support people and you can all make a difference.

There are lots of different reasons why the Keep It Up squad felt sport wasn't for them, and some of you watching at home will have shared some of their experiences too.

Emer will look at the questions and, with the help of some special guests, will try to figure out how to get everyone up and active.

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