A century ago, Ireland was once more a battlefield, as the Civil War saw conflict break out all over the country. In this interactive series, photographer David Cleary returns to locations captured on film back in 1922 and 1923 and takes new photographs showing how those settings have changed - or not.

This week David travels to Limerick, to the spot where, in July 1922, the famous W. D. Hogan took a photograph of O'Connell Street with barricades in front of Cruise's Royal Hotel. The image, which was used on a postcard, was taken during the Battle of Limerick. Founded in 1791, the hotel was once a local landmark, and played host to everyone from Charles Dickens to Richard Nixon. The hotel was demolished in 1991, and the street looks very different now, but the upper floors of the buildings that stood to its left are unchanged.

Image courtesy of the National Library of Ireland