In his Old Ireland in Colour project at the Insight SFI Research Centre at NUI Galway, Professor John Breslin uses DeOldify, an open source tool, to bring colour to archive images. 

This photo from the National Library of Ireland's collection shows an unidentified young woman wearing what looks like a Cumann na mBan pin. The original image is a favourite of the staff of the National Library of Ireland, but no one knows who the subject is. We're still hoping to uncover her identity, so if you have any idea who she might be, please send an e-mail to

So how did Breslin choose what colours to use? "We don't know who this person is but given the average Irish eye colour is blue we manually chose that for her eyes here," says Breslin. "The Cumann na mBan badges are more commonly a golden colour so we went for that. Although she seems to be wearing a coat rather than a Cumann na mBan uniform, we went for a colour similar to the uniforms of the time, referencing this photo of the uniform of Alice Cashel available from the Digital Repository of Ireland." 

Original image courtesy of the National Library of Ireland