Ray D'arcy was joined in studio by Chief Terminologist, Donncha Ó Cróinín about his work with Tearma.ie and how new words are accepted into the Irish language.

Some words come into the Irish language organically, but others need to be created, words that people may not be using today but will want to use in the future. Donncha Ó Cróinín explained to Ray that important terms when it comes to pharmaceuticals are being translated all the time, as well as other words, such as fidget spinners.

Ó Cróinín explained that An Coiste Téarmaíochta are a voluntary committee of 24 members from diverse backgrounds, from scientists, linguists, journalists, mathematicians and academics who discuss and debate how new terms will be added to the Irish language.

Speaking about how words and their etymology are treated, Ó Cróinín said they often go back to Latin or Greek to see how the word was first created in order to translate the word appropriately.

When pressured, Ó Cróinín said the word meitheal is his favourite in the Irish language as it has expanded from a basic term to mean a group of people working together towards a greater good.