If you've found yourself uttering the phrase 'I wish I spoke more Irish' but aren't sure where to start, this might just give you the 'tús maith' you've been looking for.. 


  • If you'd like to hear about the origins, linguistic importance and current state of the Irish language,  listen to Peter Kavanagh, co-founder of the Pop-Up Gaeltacht on the What Am Politics podcast. It's insightful, witty and hugely interesting. 
  • Tune into Beo, ar Éigean, RTÉ's podcast in Irish, hosted by Siún, Sinéad and Áine, they discuss friendship, failure and their favourite things. Catch the first 6 episodes on iTunes!
Sinéad, Áine and Siún, presenters of Beo, ar Éigean.


Duolingo is a free app for learning languages. It's a great, easy way of enriching your vocab and getting to grips with basic grammar rules. 

Social Media

  • If you're a snapchatter, you'll be glad to hear their geofilters are available as Gaeilge, to use them, update the app and they'll be there, just like the regular ones. 
  • Both Gmail and Facebook are available as Gaeilge, translated by volunteers and now available to all.

Use it or lose it:

It's all well and good learning a few extra words but you'll need to use them to keep them so get thee to your local Pop-Up Gaeltacht. It's an open-source event for those who would like to speak to other people with Irish. So effective and yet so powerful, it has 'popped-up' on 5 continents to date. 

Pop-Up Gaeltacht


If you like to read and sharing opinions on what you've read, Club Leabhar is the perfect resource for you. It's an online book club and also features a monthly podcast on the book of the month.